"Simply the best location for birding in North America"

"One would normally have to travel to several different locations to find the diversity of habitats this unique property boasts." -Sylvia Gray, Great Salt Lake Audubon Society.

Best Rooms at the Johnson Mill for Birding:

Mill Pond
Private deck with a great view of pond, north grounds and water wheel.

private patio right on the edge of the water, overlooking the pond, water level, north grounds

Presidential Suite
huge private deck, overlooks the pond, north grounds, water wheel and feeders.

Waterfall Room
Great view of the 40 foot waterfall, lower grounds and provo river

River Bottoms
View of lower grounds and provo river

Waterfall Terrace
Top floor of the Inn, 60 feet up, with magnificent deck with views of the pond, waterfall, waterwheel, north grounds and lower grounds.

Bird watching locations and venues in utah. American RobinBIRD WATCHING continues to be an entertaining activity here at the Johnson Mill. The Spring Migration which starts about the first week in March promises to bring some interesting birds as they journey north. The Fall Migration which starts about the first week in September promises to bring some interesting birds as they journey south. With the varied terrain the Mill offers such as ponds and streams, adjacent wet lands, meadows and vegetation attractive to many birds, over 70 varieties of birds have been spotted on the Mill property itself, making it one of the area's unique birding sites.

The Audubon Society comes to the Mill on the third Wednesday of each month. Bring your own binoculars and plan your trip (or trips!) for your next adventure.

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Birding Sites & Bird Watching Locations

Waterfalls (40 foot drop)
Freshwater Marshes
Lake, ponds, rivers
Alpine meadows
Parks (the groomed areas of the property)
Pinyon-Juniper Trees
Oak Trees
Deciduous trees
Coniferous Trees
Choke Cherry Trees

The Mill's private 28 acres is surround by a 300 acre nature preserve and the protected habitat of the Provo River Restoration project, making it one of the best bird watching sites and locations in Utah.

SPRING MIGRATION beings in April. This is an especially interesting to to visit the Mill as one may see such a great variety of birds stopping by the pond. The Hummingbirds return toward the end of April.

FALL MIGRATION begins in August and continues through October.

Birds of Johnson Mill

During your birding vacation or getaway at Johnson Mill, these are the species of birds you can expect to find.

When to View
American Coot Occasional: SpSuFaWi
American Robin Common: SpSuFaWi
American Wigeon Occasional: SpSuFaWi
Bald Eagle Occasional: Wi
Barn Swallow Common: Su
Belted Kingfisher Common: SpSuFaWi
Black-billed Magpie Common: SpSuFaWi
Black-capped Chickadee Common: SpSuFaWi
Black-chinned Hummingbird Common: SpSuFaWi
Black-headed Grosbeak Common: SpSu
Blue-winged Teal Occasional: Su
Brewer's Blackbird Common: SpSu
Broad-tailed Hummingbird Common: SpSu
Bufflehead Occasional: Wi
Bullock's Oriole Common: SpSu
California Gull Common: SpSuFaWi
Canada Goose Common: SpSuFaWi
Cinnamon Teal Occasional: Su
Cliff Swallow Common: SpSu
Common Goldeneye Occasional: Wi
Common Merganzer (fem.) Occasional: Wi
Common Merganzer Occasional: Wi
Common Nighthawk Common: Su
Common Raven Common: SpSuFaWi
Wilson's Snipe Common: SpSu
Cooper's Hawk Common: SpSuFaWi
Dark-eyed Junco Common: SpSu
Dark-eyed Junco (Oregon Race) Common: FaWiSp
Double-crested Cormorant Occasional: SpSu
Downy Woodpecker Common: SpSuFaWi
European Starling Common: SpSuFaWi
Golden Eagle Common: SpSuFaWi
Gray Catbird Common: SpSu
Great Blue Heron Common: SpSuFaWi
Eared Grebe Occasional: Summer
House Finch Common: SpSuFaWi
House Sparrow Common: SpSuFaWi
Killdeer Common: SpSuFaWi
Lazuli Bunting Common: SpSu
Lesser Goldfinch Common: SpSuFaWi
Long-billed Curlew Occasional: Su
Mallard Common: SpSuFaWi
Mourning Dove Common: SpSuFaWi
Mute Swan Common: SpSuFaWi
Northern Flicker Common: SpSuFaWi
Northern Rough-winged Swallow Common: SpSuFaWi
Northern Shoveler Occasional: SpFa
Olive-sided Flycatcher Common: SpSu
Orange-crowned Warbler Common: SpSu
Osprey Common: SpSuFa
Pied-billed Grebe Occasional: SpSuFa
Pine Siskin Common: SpSuFaWi
Red-tailed Hawk (imm.) Common: SpSuFaWi
Red-winged Blackbird Common: SpSuFaWi
Redhead Occasional: SpSuFaWi
Ring-billed Gull Common: FaWi
Ring-necked Duck Occasional: FaWiSp
Ross's Goose Occasional: FaSp
Ruby-crowned Kinglet Common: SpSuFaWi
Rufous Hummingbird (fem.) Common: SuFa
Sandhill  Crane Common: SpSuFa
Sharp-shined Hawk Common: SpSuFaWi
Snow Goose Occasional: SpFa
Snowy Egret Occasional: Su
Spotted Sandpiper Common: SpSuFa
Spotted Towhee Common: SpSuFaWi
Tree Swallow Common: SpSu
Turkey Vulture Common: SpSuFa
Western Meadowlark Common: SpSuFa
Western Tanager Common: SpSu
Western Wood-Pewee Common: SpSu
White-crowned Sparrow Common: SpSuFaWi
White-faced Ibis Occasional: SpSu
Wild Turkey Common: SpSuFaWi
Willow Flycatcher Common: SpSu
Yellow Warbler Common: SpSu
Yellow-headed Blackbird Common: SpSu
Yellow-headed Blackbird (fem) Common: SpSu
Yellow-rumped Warbler Common: SpSuFaWi

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